Our First Live Event Selling Our Candles!

Hi everyone! I'm excited to talk about our first event, AuburnFest, which is coming up this Saturday, August 10th at Les Gove Park, in Auburn, WA.  Since this is our first event and I plan to do more in the future, I had to tackle the problem of what was needed to create a vendor space in my style, and acquiring it within my budget and time frame.  It might not be perfect, but it will do the job: we will have our 100% soy scented candles there and our 100% soy melts. 

Since I'm pale, make candles, and will be vending in the summer, a canopy was a must. Luckily, it doesn't get super hot here in the Seattle area, but it seems a little hotter year by year.  I work a day job and kind of hate shopping, so finding a canopy within my budget (cheap), with good reviews and that was 10 x 10 was a small challenge. I was able to source one on, along with a Cosco 6 ft table.  The tent arrived fine, but the table was damaged, and I sent it back.  Did you know that when you send something back to Walmart, it goes on walkabout first? I didn't. That table's been more places than I have this year, but I finally got my refund.  They also take years (weeks?) to ship and I wasn't guaranteed to have a replacement in time, so I went to Amazon and found the same table, different color, for a good price.  Here's what I got on Amazon, links below! Pics of setup to be posted when I actually get my table:

Not "setup", per se, but I definitely don't want to lose my phone or POS battery half way through, so this will take care of my charge issues.

For display names & prices!

The infamously hard to find table:

A classy table cover:


I'm equal parts nervous and excited!  If you live in the area, come see us from 11am - 7pm this Saturday, August 10th at Les Gove Park! It will be fun for the whole family, as there will be a parade, two music stages, a beer garden, and plenty of food and crafts vendors. 

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