A little about us

Tiger Lily Candle Co is really just me, Nichole! 

I live in the Seattle area with my husband, daughter, and our pets.  We all love the Pacific Northwest and all of her beauty, and there's a lot.  We have Mt. Ranier, the Puget Sound, and Seattle's a beautiful city on its own. 

Here's a pic I took of the view from Alki Beach in the summer.

View from Alki Beach, Seattle

And here's the infamous "Freemont Troll" crushing his favorite VW Beetle...or maybe it’s his most loathed VW Beetle, I’m not sure.

Freemont Troll

I started this business because I am a creative at heart, and I didn't want that to be lost in a corporate world.  I've drawn since I was very young, and continued art (drawing & painting) off and on throughout my life.  It's a great outlet, and sometimes, I'm pretty good. 

Candles are something I've loved for many years, so it was a natural progression to create a wonderful smelling candle that was environmentally friendly and easy on my allergies, and I did.  Below are the first candles I made.  Don't worry, I didn't sell these, I was just finding out if I enjoyed it, which I did!

First candles

I then continued my candle journey, so far sticking with soy, and finding the right mix for me.  My candles are 100% natural soy and I use fragrance oils. Some candle makers use essential oils, but those can be volatile and dangerous, toxic even, so I don't want to subject my customers to that.  

More recently, as I’m honing my craft, I’m experimenting with more refined containers. The cobalt blue, and black glass/copper lid combo are my favorites so far.



Black Glass with Copper Lid (Rustic Luxe)